Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bath time!

My first project in the house was to over haul the bathroom. And man was that a project!

Something that I expected to take a month, turned into an epic journey that involved lots of frustration, lots of tears, lots of swearing and lots more money! Main reason: hired a dodgy builder! 
Despite going through a reviewed website (is there any escape from dodgy builders?) 

Anyway, long story cut short: kicked dodgy dude off the job, hired someone new, paid for damaged materials, bullied money back from dodgy dude!

Here's some pics to show the journey:

Note the beautiful ceiling tiles and fan/light, the vinyl floor tiles, and boat themed wallpaper and wall tiles! One word LUSH!

Note: at the end of each day, I had to clean down this bathroom in order to bathe! Lots of long hours, let me tell you! That was until the bathroom strip out in which public toilets, friends bathrooms and an orange bucket became my tools of trade! Thankfully this was not for long! Only so much peeing in a bucket one gal can do, let me tell you!!

Moving swiftly on to the grand reveal.....

Ta da!!!

Best moment: lying in the bath with lashings of Laura Mercier Honey Bath, a HUGE glass of red wine, candles lit, and Norah Jones's dulcet tones and piano rifts soothing the pain of the renovation! 

Bliss! x

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