Sunday, 17 July 2011

The beginning...

And so the blogging begins! Sat on my couch in Sunday joggers (yes 'joggers'! No other pants will do for lazy Sundays!), whilst my boy watches the Open (seriously how many dodgy outfit selections can there be for golfers?!) As I attempt to share the recording of the past two years of my life, of which there has been ample amounts of love and hate for this house of mine! 

 So here's the history: following a 5yr relationship breakdown, the fall through of sale of house, and subsequent 18 months living with the ex (do not advise!), I decided against my better judgement, but also because I was at the time, bruised by estate agents and solicitors (Gah to both!), to rent rather than buy. Thus, part taking in a swanky apartment in the city centre of Manchester, believing this would sooth the soul and aid in bohemian life of Northern Quarter bars and brunch!

  But found that I never could settle, and actually found did not actually utilise the location! Lots of moaning to a friend later, she asked the question: "was it not time to stop paying somebody else's mortgage?" (thank you for always stating the black and white Ms Atkinson! much love x) So, much debate later I sought out the advice of a financial adviser and began the search for my new home!

  After viewing quite a few properties, must say I do love looking at other peoples homes! I stumbled across a rather neglected, period end terrace. So on a Saturday morning in October 2008 I met yet another estate agent (gah!) at said property, and instantly fell in love! 
 Although in hindsight, should maybe not have been so animated in my love for said property in front of the agent?! Definitely think this cost me pretty pennies later! Duh! 
  Any way let me show you the  object of my affection...

The original brochure pictures

The love began at the sight of the original, stained glass windows..

 Although I didn't feel much love for the 80's gas fire and avocado carpet!

The dining room: if you look closely you can see where they decided to butcher a beautiful old cupboard, to stone clad (I kid you not!) the underneath to accommodate a TV! 

The mint green and lilac master bedroom

The yellow and blue 2nd bedroom

The wood cladded, extremely cold, damp kitchen

And no renovation project would be complete without the powder blue bath suite, wit woo I hear you say! Oh yes! But if you look close, you can see that the cherry on top of the cake comes in the detail: Boat featured wall paper (oriental boats, in pink!) with boat pictured tiles (pirate ships no less!)


And so the biding began! 

Although most people would have ran a mile from the dry rot problems, wonky door ways, bad wiring, lack of central heating, and 60s/70's/80's decor and although many advised I did not run! I couldn't resist the draw of the period features that were screaming to be restored and allowed to breathe.

So on the 13th May 2009, after lots of negotiations on price due to condition/damp etc, I finally moved into my home! 

Happy Days! x

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